Westbrooke Biogs

Andy Westcott – Biography


Andy Westcott is a Guitarist/Producer from Devon.

Andy spent his summer holidays working two shifts a day in the village fish and chip shop, along with selling ice cream and collecting glasses in the holiday camp bar in order to buy his first guitar (a triple pickup black Les Paul copy) aged 13, and was soon playing in several local bands. Aged 15 he was getting to grips with his first synthesiser (a VCS3 –  no keyboard)

On moving to Exeter aged 16, Andy quickly established himself with local bands playing guitar (a white Tokai strat) and synthesiser (Korg MS20).

Once living in Bristol, Andy spent a year recording and producing his first solo outing “Transambience” with contributions from several local musicians on his home studio (1/2 inch 8 track Tascam reel-to-reel, MIDI sync’d Roland W30 and analogue synths).

While playing guitar and synths in local bands Andy met Jamie Anderson. They quickly moved on to start “Random Access” and set up their own independent record label “Problem Child Records”.

After their first release received favourable air-play by John Peel and other radio one DJs, they continued to release classic ground-breaking Techno tunes through the mid ninety’s along with many successful remixes for other labels and releasing other Artistes on Problem Child Records. They also played live shows at many UK and European venues.

After time off Diving in the Caribbean, Andy returned to Devon to follow his love of Blues and Jazz, and was soon playing guitar in “The Bakers Yard Blues Band”, and “The Nancy Jay Band”.

Andy now plays guitar with Kim Brooke in “Westbrooke”, with Rob Bright in guitar duo “Fretology”, and writes original material for both his 5 piece funk band “The Avocet Code” and ambient music under “Transambience” – with his original album of the same name released in 1992.



Kim Brooke – Music Biography


Kim Brooke started singing in Church choirs and went on to take lead roles in school musical productions. Kim learned classical piano up to grade 5 and has been composing songs since the early 80’s. She has had two different bands to perform her original songs over the years, which both played at Glastonbury Festival. Kim also plays in other people’s bands on piano, sequencers and backing vocals and has performed at Womad and Glastonbury festivals in this capacity.

While living in Glastonbury Kim had a band called ‘Kim and the Karpettes’ aka ‘Karp’ then moved to Bristol to join a band called ‘Squeeky’ (Lover’s Rock),

After ‘Squeeky’ Kim played her own material in Bristol as ‘Kim Wilson’, and also played keyboards with groove led dance bands ‘Swaah Deezon’ and ‘GKLO’.

Kim presently performs as a solo artist, with Andy Westcott in a jazz duo called ‘Westbrooke’ and also deps on keyboards in a Soul/Funk band called ‘The Soul Agents’.

When not composing, recording or performing music Kim films gigs and ob doc style behind the scenes documentaries and has made seven feature length films of the Jazz Stage at Glastonbury Festival from 1995 on. Julien Temple chose to include a significant amount her footage in his movie “Glastonbury” released in April 2006.

Kim has many creative projects in various stages of development that mix her music ideas with her experience gained from over 14 years in TV production and is happy to collaborate with film makers and musicians.