Andy Westcott – Biography

Andy Westcott is a freelance Musician/Producer with a wide range of skills in Music, Film & Television and other audio-visual media.

His first solo album “Transambience” was considered groundbreaking by many of his collegues, and featured contributions from Ade Lomax, Pete Westaway, Patrick Leith and Jerry Short.

Andy teamed up with a young teenage DJ Jamie Anderson and together they formed Techno duo Random Access. Releasing on their own record label Problem Child Records, they soon began remixing for a number of artists and other labels. Their successful live act (touring with 17 analogue synthesizers) appeared at key dance venues and festivals across Europe.

After a spell at writing soundtracks for TV and commercial video (winning a sliver rose at the New York film festival) and various engineering/production work for other labels and artists, Andy began returning to his musical roots.

He now plays in a variety of Blues and Jazz outfits, with some Psychedelia thrown in for good measure, and is continuing to write and record his own compositions.


 “After silence, that which comes nearest to expressing the inexpressible is music”.

Aldous Huxley